Why Oznium LEDs


The change from incandescent to LED lighting is equivalent to the IT move from the analogue to a digital world. HIGH EFFICIENCY, EXTENDED PRODUCT LIFE EXPECTANCY, LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION and DECREASED MAINTENANCE COSTS compared to the classical bulbs, halogen bulbs and fluorescence lamps are leading to ever-higher popularity of LED as a lighting source.


LED light is directional. When other types of lighting sources emit light in all directions and so intrinsically increase losses, LED’s can be manufactured with a constant beam angle from as low as 10° up to 120°.  Light fittings can be designed to radiate light in the desired direction with almost no reflective loss.

An often-neglected advantage of LED’s is its safety. LED lights give off little heat and therefore are ideal for applications where the build up of heat previously prevented illumination and was unsafe. If you use LED lights hot bulbs will not burn your children.


LED’s have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.


LED lights convert more than 40% of electricity to light making them the most efficient artificial light source in the world. In other words with LED lights you use about 10% of the electricity you would use with traditional light bulbs, that is a 90% electricity saving. So by using LED lights you can save about 20% on your total electricity bill. Using LED lights also makes green electricity production more feasible.


Because of its average lifespan of 50.000 hours LED lights are almost maintenance-free.

In example industrial facilities including the cooling, production and logistic halls consume a high level of electricity for their lighting. Their cost of maintenance is high because of the high ceilings and eventually the requirement to stop the production during the maintenance. The number of lights in single production halls varies between a multiple of 100s to a multiple of 1000s of lights.



  • Low energy consumption (up to 90% reduction)
  • Low heat = lower air conditioning costs, less fire hazardous
  • Long life (up to 8 times longer life expectancy)
  • No maintenance costs
  • Low disposal costs
  • Reduced operating costs (on average > 65%)


  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • No delay – instantly at full power
  • No hollow body = no risk of implosion
  • Hum-free
  • Dust and splash proof
  • Switching frequency up to 1 million
  • Full colour spectrum
  • No ultra-violet radiation (UV)
  • No infrared radiation (IR)


  • No mercury used
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 Emission
  • Does not disturb insects’ orientation


In order to make the above-mentioned LED advantages useable for the consumer and meet the growing market demand, Oznium provides an equivalent look and feel to what people have become used to over previous decades with the full benefit of LED technology. Easy-to-use LED lights, which come with CE, RoHS and other international certifications.

With over ten years of industrial proven practice in the LED sector, Oznium specialises in long life LED lighting products, providing inexpensive LED products at the highest quality for indoor and outdoor use.

Oznium products can be used for industrial, commercial and home lighting. Its growing product portfolio contains architectural indoor/outdoor LED lighting, LED replacement bulbs, LED signage lighting, flexible LED strip lighting and LED drivers, LED street lights, as well as solar LED lights. The industrial range includes lights for production/ logistic halls and parking areas with high savings in energy consumption and maintenance.

As a spin-off, Oznium is exclusively bringing the well-known Oznium.com LED brand from America to South Africa. Oznium.com has enjoyed more than a decade of success in the North American market, providing high-quality LED products to more than 70,000 customers with over 2,000 orders every month.

Through this strong alliance, Oznium is in the position to handle all sensitive quality control, product customisation and shipment aspects of the business through its well-established and fully owned production facility in Hong Kong, The company achieves very low production costs based on automation processes, focusing on standards and well planned mass production processes.

Ozniumco.za has a clear strategy to become a market leader both in terms of price and quality in the provision of LED lights for mass markets in Africa, to have a strong foothold in each of its local markets and to be able to extend to value added services. Oznium has already established an authorised dealer network in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe and is open to new relationships in other domestic African markets.