Oznium LED Kitchen & Cabinets

LED under cabinet lights look extremely attractive and can give your kitchen or dressing room a completely new stylish look. You have the choice between energy efficient hidden LED strip lights, or durable LED light bars or LED cabinet tubes. Regardless of space or dimension, Oznium’s LED kitchen and cabinet lighting products are very affordable, easy to install and make them ideal for kitchen, bathroom, dressing room or recessed ceilings.

  • 6W Oznium Cree MR16

    R255 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium GU10 Metal

    R135 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium MR16 Metal

    R135 ex VAT

  • Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light

    R89 ex VAT

  • Waterproof 12V Power Supply / Driver

    R139 ex VAT

  • LED Color Controller RF 20 Key

    R399 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium E14 Metal

    R129 ex VAT

  • LED Inline Day Night Sensor Switch

    R84 ex VAT

  • Round LED Mini Switch

    R40 ex VAT

  • 220V LED Dimmer Switch

    R249 ex VAT

  • 9W Cree Compact Spotlight

    R299 ex VAT