Oznium LED Security Lighting

Security lights at factories, commercial offices and residential homes are typically super bright lights of high wattage and switched on for most of the night consuming a large amount of electricity. Oznium LED security lights are the perfect replacement product for this type of lighting with extreme bright and clear light streams but also a substantial savings on your electricity bill. Replace your old, energy consuming security lights with super bright, up to 8,400 lumen LED security lights that output much less heat and last about 20 times longer.

  • LED Flood Light

    R399 ex VAT

  • Betta Solar Powered LED Light Kit

    R546 ex VAT

  • Motion Sensor LED Security Flood Light

    R449 ex VAT

  • LED Inline Day Night Sensor Switch

    R84 ex VAT

  • Portable LED Floodlight

    R599 R499 ex VAT