Oznium LED Entertainment Lighting

Stage, club, theater and entertainment lighting has to create a very specific lighting atmosphere free of fire and safety hazards to its audience, which low heat emitting entertainment LEDs do provide. In addition, the reduction in heat provides more comfort to performers and the audience. Most of Oznium’s entertainment LED lighting products are waterproof, very long lasting and combine aesthetics and light output to satisfy the expectations of the most sophisticated LED lighting designer.

  • Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light

    R89 ex VAT

  • Waterproof 12V Power Supply / Driver

    R139 ex VAT

  • LED Color Controller RF Touch Wheel

    R449 ex VAT

  • LED Fairy Lights

    R269 ex VAT

  • LED Color Controller RF 20 Key

    R399 ex VAT

  • E27 Crystal Glass

    R222 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium Compact Downlight

    R99 ex VAT

  • RGB Audio Music Controller

    R555 ex VAT

  • Portable LED Floodlight

    R599 R499 ex VAT

  • High Intensity Waterproof Mini Spot

    R169 ex VAT

  • High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

    R159 ex VAT