Oznium LED Wineries & Farms

Wineries and farms, often in remote locations, have to rely on power generated from solar or diesel generators. Winery and farm LED lighting includes 12V LED lights that can be connected straight to wind and solar farms, as well as other low-voltage LED solutions for wineries and farms.

  • LED Streetlight

    R6,499 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium GU10 Metal

    R135 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium MR16 Metal

    R135 ex VAT

  • Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light

    R89 ex VAT

  • LED Flood Light

    R399 ex VAT

  • Twisted Candle LED

    R179 ex VAT

  • Betta Solar Powered LED Light Kit

    R546 ex VAT

  • Magic Mood Light

    R888 ex VAT

  • Motion Sensor LED Security Flood Light

    R449 ex VAT

  • LED High Bay Light

    R2,000 ex VAT

  • LED Fairy Lights

    R269 ex VAT

  • Multi-Color Pool LED Light

    R1,999 ex VAT

  • LED Color Controller RF 20 Key

    R399 ex VAT

  • LED Inline Day Night Sensor Switch

    R84 ex VAT

  • 3W Oznium Compact Downlight

    R99 ex VAT

  • 9W Cree Compact Spotlight

    R299 ex VAT

  • Portable LED Floodlight

    R599 R499 ex VAT

  • High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

    R159 ex VAT