Oznium LED Projects

The Oznium ‘shop by project’ listing helps you to find the most suitable LED products that are applicable for a certain installation. Weather you are a home owner, a professional landscape architect or a gardener, you will be amazed by the variety of lighting applications available.

We have selected lights and accessories that work best for quiet a number of LED projects, such as entertainment, marine, industrial, residential, outdoor and commercial lighting. Enjoy browsing the LED project library!

  • Weather you are a home owner, professional landscape architect or a gardener, Ozniums' waterproof LEDs withstand extreme weather conditions providing an ideal lighting component for all your outdoor projects. The combination of color changing, warm white and clear white exterior lighting gives you all the choices you need to illuminate landscape features and garden patios.

    Deck & Patio | Garden & Landscaping | Security Lighting
  • Residential lighting offers LED lighting solutions appropriate for literally every room in your home, from bright but efficient down lights, over cozy strip lighting to energy saving standard replacement bulbs.

    Kitchen & Cabinets | Study & Library | Ceiling Lighting | Garage & Workshop | Wine Cellar | Staircase | Aquarium Lighting | Chandeliers
  • Marine lighting on motor boats, fishing boats, yachts, and cruise ships require waterproof, sometimes even submersible LED lighting products and fixtures that withstand harsh weather conditions of wind, rain and sunlight. All of Oznium's carefully selected marine LED products look extremely stylish, are both waterproof and compact in size and operate on 12V low-voltage even battery power to accommodate your marine LED lighting requirements.
  • The usage of energy efficient LEDs in large scale industrial lighting applications are becoming more critical than ever. Emergency, safety, contraction and mining lights, and street light applications as well as replacement lights for factory high bay lights, LED tube lights and LED flood lights are but a few of the industrial lighting areas where Oznium LED components are used.
  • Stage, club, theater and entertainment lighting has to create a very specific lighting atmosphere free of fire and safety hazards to its audience, which low heat emitting entertainment LEDs do provide. In addition, the reduction in heat provides more comfort to performers and the audience. Most of Oznium's entertainment LED lighting products are waterproof, very long lasting and combine aesthetics and light output to satisfy the expectations of the most sophisticated LED lighting designer.
  • Oznium is the premier choice for architectural lighting specialists when planning large scale commercial projects. LED commercial lighting can illuminate any outdoor and indoor area without imposing fire and safety hazards. LED lighting can add visual interest to commercial environments while still being practical and cost effective.

    Restaurant & Bar | Wineries & Farms | Retail & Merchandise | Office | Signage
  • Most cars, motorbikes, and camping trailers operate on 12Volt and are perfectly suitable for Oznium's range of car LEDs. Choose from various sizes and colors of dome LED lights or our range of waterproof strip lights to customize your car's interior lighting without putting any strain on your car battery.