Oznium LED Solar LED Lights

Solar powered LED Lighting system are becoming more affordable while providing higher energy efficiency. Oznium provides solar LED packages that are customized for low cost and informal housing projects, remote villages and farming communities meeting outdoor recreational and emergency/stand-by lighting requirements.

  • Oznium Light Factor 4

    +VAT (R81.90)

    Solar powered LED light for low cost, informal housing, farming communities and outdoor creation with mobile phone charger, LED crystal battery, solar panel and all cables included. Choose from one up to eight LED Lights. Ready to go!
  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    Supa Sola Lamp

    SKU: OZ03260

    +VAT (R52.50)

    The Supa Sola Lamp™ harnesses the power of the sun to give you 5 products in 1. Charge up your whole family’s cell phones, iPods, kindles, GoPros or cameras on your outdoor adventures when you have no access to power. Light up the darkness with the powerful 12 LED lamp or 3 LED torch. Start a party with the FM radio or use the emergency alarm for when your car breaks down. Whatever your challenge, the Supa Sola™ has got you covered!