Oznium LED Multi-Color Lights

The full spectrum of color changing LED lighting products provides homeowners, landscape architects, interior designers and lighting specialists with the flexibility needed to add color to home entertainment areas, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, pools and gardens. RGB (Red-Green-Blue) technology lights up your Oznium LED in not only those three colors but in a full spectrum of colors that can be controlled by an RGB color changer, even via our huge selection of remote controllers.

  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light

    SKU: OZ00704 Available in 6 variations including 'Econo warm'...

    +VAT (R12.46)

    Waterproof, flexible, cuttable, durable and super bright LED strip lights in various colors. Extremely thin to fit under kitchen counters, bars, recessed ceilings or in cabinets. Designed to cast no shadows and with an awesome seamless glow. Inexpensive and long-lasting. Top seller!
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    Magic Mood Light

    SKU: OZ03121

    +VAT (R124.32)

    Six million color changing magic mood light in the most elegant stylish design to light up your office, bar, lounge or commercial area.
  • Oznium Light Factor 4

    5W Multi-Color LED Spotlight

    SKU: OZ01115 Available in 1 variations including 'MR16/12V'...

    +VAT (R46.62)

    The 5W Multi-Color LED downlighter is a recessed light bulb that can change color using the remote or a switch. The remote is automatically included with each set of these energy saving super bright LED light bulbs.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    E27 Crystal Glass

    SKU: OZ02580 Available in 1 variations including 'multi-color RGB incl. remote'...

    +VAT (R31.08)

    This extraordinary Crystal Glass column LED with multi-color RGB remote control brings romance into your home. Millions of colors break through the crystal embedded glass dome and make your dining room or lounge sparkle all the way.
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    +VAT (R279.86)

    The Oznium Par56 swimming pool LED light provides super bright color-changing light from 546 LEDs that are remote controlled. This is a standard size light which will fit your existing or you can purchase one with a new housing.
  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    Eclipse 10W LED Spotlight

    SKU: OZ02477 Available in 6 variations including 'white'...

    +VAT (R33.46)

    A fully loaded arsenal of lumens packed into a rugged & sturdy solid-state aluminum LED fixture. With only 10Watt energy consumption, this seems to be the most powerful low voltage flood light in the market, and we should offer complimentary sunnies with it!
  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    High Intensity Waterproof Mini Spot

    SKU: OZ01874 Available in 2 variations including 'cool white'...

    +VAT (R23.66)

    Ultra powerful LED spotlight with 25 degree spot beam, waterproof aluminum housing for submersible or outdoor use with only 1 Watt power consumption on 12Volt. Simply amazing!
  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

    SKU: OZ01876 Available in 2 variations including 'cool white'...

    +VAT (R22.26)

    Ultra-low energy consumption mini LED flood light with high intensity LED, waterproof aluminum housing, pre-wired cable and resistors for outdoor use in home, auto/car and garden lighting projects.