Oznium LED Flood Lights

Replacement LED flood lights for commercial 400Watt metal halide flood lights. Reduces electricity bill drastically especially for heavy security flood lights or commercial flood lights both exterior and interior. Entry level residential LED flood lights from 1,600 lumen up to super bright 8,500 lumen will light up for less.

  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    Motion Sensor LED Security Flood Light

    SKU: OZ03170 Available in 3 variations including '10 Watt / 1000 Lumen'...

    +VAT (R67.35)

    LED Flood light with built-in motion sensor, day-night switch and timer. Ideal as security flood light with extremely low energy consumption yet super bright and powerful.
  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    LED Flood Light

    SKU: OZ01118 Available in 8 variations including '10 Watt / 1100 Lumen'...

    +VAT (R59.85)

    Powerful high intensity LED flood light from 20 Watt to 80 Watt replacing 500W halogen or metal halide flood lights. Ideal for outdoor signage/bill boards, industrial applications in factories, yards or storage areas as well as for public lighting around parking areas, stadiums and general security lighting.
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    LED High Bay Light

    SKU: OZ01268 Available in 4 variations including '50 Watt, 45°, white'...

    +VAT (R300.00)

    Super bright High Bay light including reflective aluminum fitting replacing 500W metal halide factory lights for industrial lighting and warehousing. Available in 50/80/100 Watt and different beam angles. Can be mounted as high as 25 meters. High-powered solid state Bridgelux LEDs guarantee energy savings and long life span!
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    Portable LED Floodlight

    SKU: OZ03204 Available in 2 variations including 'cool white 10W'...

    +VAT (R74.85)

    Powerful portable LED work light with up to 5 hours of battery time. Perfect for workshops, mining companies, farms and wineries or just your normal household during an Eskom outage.
  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    High Intensity Waterproof Mini Spot

    SKU: OZ01874 Available in 2 variations including 'cool white'...

    +VAT (R25.35)

    Ultra powerful LED spotlight with 25 degree spot beam, waterproof aluminum housing for submersible or outdoor use with only 1 Watt power consumption on 12Volt. Simply amazing!
  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

    SKU: OZ01876 Available in 2 variations including 'cool white'...

    +VAT (R23.85)

    Ultra-low energy consumption mini LED flood light with high intensity LED, waterproof aluminum housing, pre-wired cable and resistors for outdoor use in home, auto/car and garden lighting projects.