Oznium LED Candle Lights

Oznium’s candle LED lights are predominantly used in chandeliers and replace the incandescent candelabra bulb. We can provide a variety of LED candle lights in clear or frosted glass and in white or warm white color option. Our most popular candle LED is available in a bent-tip or flame-tip glass shape, making the bulb look like a flickering flame in your living or dining room.

  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    Twisted Candle LED

    SKU: OZ01534 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white E14'...

    +VAT (R26.85)

    Our stunning looking LED candle in E14 fitting has a clear, twisted glass cover that will sparkle any chandelier while keeping the electricity bill under control. 3 high-powered LEDs provide a cozy warm white light at only 3Watt energy consumption.
  • 220V LED Dimmer Switch

    SKU: OZ01967 Available in 1 variations including 'square'...

    +VAT (R37.35)

    Available in 2x2 and 4x2, this 220V LED dimmer switch fits into standard wall box and seamlessly dims any of your Oznium LEDs without flickering from 0 to 100, taking advantage of the full range of brightness of your dimmable LED products.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    E27 Crystal Glass

    SKU: OZ02580 Available in 1 variations including 'multi-color RGB incl. remote'...

    +VAT (R33.30)

    This extraordinary Crystal Glass column LED with multi-color RGB remote control brings romance into your home. Millions of colors break through the crystal embedded glass dome and make your dining room or lounge sparkle all the way.