Oznium LED Downlights

Oznium downlighter LEDs are replacement bulbs for the less-efficient halogen bulbs that are commonly used in South Africa for task lighting in ceilings. Products available in this section have an approximately 20 times longer life span with up to 50,000 hours. They produce less heat and are less of a fire hazard. The installation is very easy: Simply replace the old halogen bulb with a Oznium LED downligher available in all common base fittings such as MR16, GU10, E27, E14 and so on. You can either use 12 Volt low voltage LEDs with your existing transformer, or 220 Volt based LEDs.

  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    3W Oznium MR16 Metal

    SKU: OZ00201 Available in 2 variations including 'warm white'...

    +VAT (R20.25)

    The 3W Oznium MR16 is your standard low-voltage 12V replacement bulb for 50W halogen downlighters. Most customers order our 12 Volt warm white color option which is perfect for indoor home lighting but also for mood and decoration lighting, at an affordable price and maximum energy savings.
  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    3W Oznium GU10 Metal

    SKU: OZ00302 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white'...

    +VAT (R20.25)

    This 3W high quality LED spot light gives a bright warm white light from 20 surface mounted (SMD) LEDs that are protected behind a glass cover and held by a GU10 two pin twist-in metal fitting. Perfect for garden spike lights and any other 220V downlight replacing incandescent 50 Watt spot lights.
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    6W Oznium Cree MR16

    SKU: OZ00968 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white'...

    +VAT (R38.25)

    This ultra bright downlighter with a MR16 fitting has three 2 Watt high powered Cree LEDs producing light of up to 500 lumen at a narrow beam angle. This kind of light is great for boardrooms, reception areas, hotel foyers and areas with high ceilings or tall objects that are being lit up.
  • 220V LED Dimmer Switch

    SKU: OZ01967 Available in 1 variations including 'square'...

    +VAT (R37.35)

    Available in 2x2 and 4x2, this 220V LED dimmer switch fits into standard wall box and seamlessly dims any of your Oznium LEDs without flickering from 0 to 100, taking advantage of the full range of brightness of your dimmable LED products.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    +VAT (R14.85)

    Welcome to the most affordable compact LED ceiling light that includes its own mini transformer and a clip-in fitting. This little compact unit is definitely best in it's class for retail, commercial and residential LED projects and available as cozy warm white or super bright white option.
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    9W Cree Compact Spotlight

    SKU: OZ03111 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white'...

    +VAT (R44.85)

    Perfect replacement LED for 50W downlight. Includes slick brushed aluminum fitting, driver and is dimmable. Available in warm white and cool white.