Oznium LED Connectors

Anything from LED inter connectors, power connectors to LED transformers, adapters, plugs and wire nuts. If you are looking for anything that is not here, you can always use our contact customer support box and send us your product wish list.

  • Oznium Light Factor 5

    Quick Splice Connector

    SKU: OZ01856

    +VAT (R2.85)

    Quick splice wiring just got so much easier! This little connector bar will save you a lot of time when quickly connecting up multiple wires on one common bar - available in 3 or 5 pin and a must to have! Make sure you buy always a pair for positive and negative wires.
  • Strip Light Connector

    SKU: OZ00748

    +VAT (R1.20)

    Interconnectors to extend LED segments, power connectors to connect to LED drivers and 4-core RGB cable make the installation of your LED strip lights super easy and hassle free.