Oznium LED Products

‘Shop by product’ provides a break down of Oznium LED lights and bulbs by type. If you are looking for strip lights, accessories, dimmable or color-changing LED lights, this is your place. Please browse through the sub categories and choose your LED light by type.

  • LED strip lights are commonly used in lighting applications such as wall features, stairs, shelves, cupboards, advertising, motorcars, hotels and decorations. Oznium LED strip lights are not only extremely energy efficient but also waterproof and offer a stylish solution to all task and ascent lighting requirements. Weather for residential or commercial use, a wide variety of colors is available and the installation of LED strip lights is literally as easy as plug & play.
  • Striplight inter connectors, power supplies, dimmers & switches, cables and anything else that you need to make your Oznium LEDs glow.

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  • Oznium LED replacement light bulbs reduce your electricity bill by up to 90%, providing bright task or accent light and surpass the performance of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, while lasting up to 50,000 hours. With your Oznium LED light bulb purchase, this is your first step for your household going green!

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  • The full spectrum of color changing LED lighting products provides homeowners, landscape architects, interior designers and lighting specialists with the flexibility needed to add color to home entertainment areas, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, pools and gardens. RGB (Red-Green-Blue) technology lights up your Oznium LED in not only those three colors but in a full spectrum of colors that can be controlled by an RGB color changer, even via our huge selection of remote controllers.
  • When replacing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with LEDs, one will not miss out on the dimmable option. Oznium provides dimmer switches custom made for its LED assortment as well as straight forward dimmable LED light bulbs and strip lights. The choice is yours: Super bright or background mood lighting - Oznium's dimmable LEDs don't flicker and give you the same 0-100% dimmer function as with your existing incandescent lights - but with a 90% saving on your Eskom bill.
  • Energy saving high powered LED street lights replace high pressure sodium lamps and only use 50-70% of the energy compared to incandescent street lights. Oznium street lights are very effective for remote farms and wineries. The long life span reduces labour cost in replacing broken street lights, and the modern design provides a clear and bright stream of light - just what you want outside your doorstep.
  • Solar powered LED Lighting system are becoming more affordable while providing higher energy efficiency. Oznium provides solar LED packages that are customized for low cost and informal housing projects, remote villages and farming communities meeting outdoor recreational and emergency/stand-by lighting requirements.