New Products

Explore Oznium’s latest LED products that will enrich your LED light experience in home, office or commercial LED application. Most of our new LED products are custom developed and have been tested for the South African LED market.

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    Oznium Light Factor 9

    Portable LED Floodlight

    Powerful portable LED work light with up to 5 hours of battery time. Perfect for workshops, mining companies, farms and wineries or just your normal household during an Eskom outage.


    R499.00 +VAT (R74.85)

  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    Motion Sensor LED Security Flood Light

    LED Flood light with built-in motion sensor, day-night switch and timer. Ideal as security flood light with extremely low energy consumption yet super bright and powerful.


    R449.00 +VAT (R67.35)

  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    9W Cree Compact Spotlight

    Perfect replacement LED for 50W downlight. Includes slick brushed aluminum fitting, driver and is dimmable. Available in warm white and cool white.


    R299.00 +VAT (R44.85)

  • 12V Inline Dimmer Switch

    Control the brightness of LED Striplights with this twist-dial dimmer. Using pulse width modulation, LEDs will gradually dim from zero to 100% without flickering.


    R115.00 +VAT (R17.25)

  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    Super Slim LED Dome Light

    The slimmest LED dome light on the market is made with extremely bright surface-mounted LEDs attached to a thin circuit board. It comes with seven of the most common bases so replacing the dome light in your car will only take a couple of seconds - plug & play.


    R159.00 +VAT (R23.85)

  • Oznium Light Factor 5

    RGB Audio Music Controller

    Control your multi-color RGB strip LED through music and take your LEDs to a completely new level. The Oznium RGB audio controller comes with additional RF remote and works with all Oznium LED strip lights.


    R555.00 +VAT (R83.25)