Waterproof 12V Power Supply / Driver

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Waterproof 12V Power Supply / Driver

Inexpensive low voltage 12V waterproof LED driver that provides power to LED downlights and strip lights at an affordable price. Available in 15W, 30W, 60W, 100W and 150 Watt. Rigid yet slim housing, waterproof and CE & RoHS certified – suitable for the South African market.

ItemsTypePrice (R)Stock
- decrease+ increase15Watt / 1.25A139.00In stock
- decrease+ increase30Watt / 2.5A179.00In stock
- decrease+ increase60Watt / 5A279.00In stock
- decrease+ increase60Watt AC Pool PSU339.00In stock
- decrease+ increase100Watt / 8.3A379.00In stock
- decrease+ increase150Watt / 12.5A479.00In stock
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Technical Specification

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Power consumption
LED working temperature
-30~ +60°
IP Class
15Watt / 1.25A
221 x 30 x 20mm; 236g
30Watt / 2.5A
221 x 30 x 20mm; 236g
60Watt / 5A
180 x 72 x 46mm; 884g
60Watt AC Pool PSU
180 x 72 x 46mm; 884g
100Watt / 8.3A
249 x 72 x 45mm; 1,264g
150Watt / 12.5A
230 x 120 x 59mm; 2,472g

Product Description for Waterproof 12V Power Supply / Driver

All Oznium’s power supply provide are steady current drivers that convert 220 Volt from your South African power socket down to low voltage 12 Volt which is needed to run most of your home LED, commercial or industrial lighting applications.

Product features and benefits include:

  • Slim but rigid housing in an elegant shiny aluminum design
  • Waterproof and IP67 rated for dust protection and use in wet rated locations including outdoor use
  • Extremely energy-efficient and eco friendly for all types from 15 to 150 Watt
  • Steady low 12 Volt that prevents LED flickering with an expected product life cycle of up to 20,000 hours
  • Maximum of 5% voltage tolerance at 50 Hz frequency which is typical for South Africa
  • Overload protection @ 150% above peak rating and shut down/recover mode in case of over power voltage and heat
  • Both CE certified and RoHS compliant

Tip: The 30 Watt LED driver in combination with a 5 meter roll of Waterproof LED Striplight (Econo White) is one of our best selling product bundles for way below R1,000.


Oznium LED Driver – Product Matrix

The following table illustrates which type of power supply to use for various types of Oznium LED products:

If you have any further questions about any of our waterproof drivers, please contact our dedicated customer support team who will be glad to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the drivers seem to have more than one output wire. Why? The 15 and 30 Watt transformer have one set of output wire. The 60 and 100 Watt driver have a set of two each, and the 150 Watt power supply have even three. The higher the wattage the more load you can connect, and the additional sets of output wire are meant for separate load groups, e.g. 3 set of strip lights or so. Please note that this does not mean you have 3x 150 Watt available for the 12.5 Amp driver, its a total of 150 Watt for all three output wires.

Will the driver also work on 24 Volt, e.g. a car or boat system to drop the voltage down to 12 Volt? We have not tested this and it may work, although the input voltage is set to 220 Volt. Will post a comment here once tested.

Can I dim LEDs with this power supply? Nope, its a steady current transformer which does not allow for dimming. Use our dedicated dimmer switches for that.

Can I run 20 mini spotlights on this product? Yes, in parallel but remember to add up the Amps and make sure you choose the right driver. If you are unsure, contact us or select the largest transformer and always use a fuse.

4 Customer Reviews

  1. GinaTina

    7 years ago

    Was a bit hesitant if I can tackle power supply units myself but was easy. Thanks ;o)


  2. Tom

    7 years ago

    NICE JOB! Slick, easy to handle and providing sufficient power for many LED’s. Thanks.


  3. Johnny

    7 years ago

    I am glad Oznium introduced the 15 Watt driver which is smaller and more affordable. Thank you!


  4. Low Voltage Lighting

    6 years ago

    Hi there, You have performed an excellent job. I’ll definitely digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from your service!


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