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  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    Portable LED Floodlight

    SKU: OZ03204 Available in 2 variations including 'cool white 10W'...

    +VAT (R74.85)

    Powerful portable LED work light with up to 5 hours of battery time. Perfect for workshops, mining companies, farms and wineries or just your normal household during an Eskom outage.
  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    Motion Sensor LED Security Flood Light

    SKU: OZ03170 Available in 3 variations including '10 Watt / 1000 Lumen'...

    +VAT (R67.35)

    LED Flood light with built-in motion sensor, day-night switch and timer. Ideal as security flood light with extremely low energy consumption yet super bright and powerful.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    Magic Mood Light

    SKU: OZ03121

    +VAT (R133.20)

    Six million color changing magic mood light in the most elegant stylish design to light up your office, bar, lounge or commercial area.
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    9W Cree Compact Spotlight

    SKU: OZ03111 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white'...

    +VAT (R44.85)

    Perfect replacement LED for 50W downlight. Includes slick brushed aluminum fitting, driver and is dimmable. Available in warm white and cool white.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    E27 Crystal Glass

    SKU: OZ02580 Available in 1 variations including 'multi-color RGB incl. remote'...

    +VAT (R33.30)

    This extraordinary Crystal Glass column LED with multi-color RGB remote control brings romance into your home. Millions of colors break through the crystal embedded glass dome and make your dining room or lounge sparkle all the way.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    +VAT (R14.85)

    Welcome to the most affordable compact LED ceiling light that includes its own mini transformer and a clip-in fitting. This little compact unit is definitely best in it's class for retail, commercial and residential LED projects and available as cozy warm white or super bright white option.
  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    +VAT (R33.30)

    One of the most common light bulbs is the Edison E27 screw type, and our E27 LED replacement light fits most ballast and ceiling fittings, is dimmable and gives you a good 80-90% energy saving on your Eskom bill.
  • Oznium Light Factor 4

    +VAT (R81.90)

    Solar powered LED light for low cost, informal housing, farming communities and outdoor creation with mobile phone charger, LED crystal battery, solar panel and all cables included. Choose from one up to eight LED Lights. Ready to go!
  • 220V LED Dimmer Switch

    SKU: OZ01967 Available in 1 variations including 'square'...

    +VAT (R37.35)

    Available in 2x2 and 4x2, this 220V LED dimmer switch fits into standard wall box and seamlessly dims any of your Oznium LEDs without flickering from 0 to 100, taking advantage of the full range of brightness of your dimmable LED products.
  • Oznium Light Factor 5

    Quick Splice Connector

    SKU: OZ01856

    +VAT (R2.85)

    Quick splice wiring just got so much easier! This little connector bar will save you a lot of time when quickly connecting up multiple wires on one common bar - available in 3 or 5 pin and a must to have! Make sure you buy always a pair for positive and negative wires.
  • Waterproof 12V Power Supply / Driver

    SKU: OZ01583 Available in 6 variations including '15Watt / 1.25A'...

    +VAT (R20.85)

    Inexpensive low voltage 12V waterproof LED driver that provides power to LED downlights and strip lights at an affordable price. Available in 15W, 30W, 60W, 100W and 150 Watt. Rigid yet slim housing, waterproof and CE & RoHS certified - suitable for the South African market.
  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    Twisted Candle LED

    SKU: OZ01534 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white E14'...

    +VAT (R26.85)

    Our stunning looking LED candle in E14 fitting has a clear, twisted glass cover that will sparkle any chandelier while keeping the electricity bill under control. 3 high-powered LEDs provide a cozy warm white light at only 3Watt energy consumption.
  • Oznium Light Factor 8

    LED Tube Light

    SKU: OZ01508

    +VAT (R56.85)

    Oznium Tubes are direct replacement LEDs for T8 fluorescent tubes and available in bright white in 120cm and 150cm with frosted cover. 240 little SMD LEDs produce 1,600 lumen and draw only 20 Watt electricity. Ideal for LED Lighting garages, offices, factories, schools and supermarkets.
  • Oznium Light Factor 9

    LED High Bay Light

    SKU: OZ01268 Available in 4 variations including '50 Watt, 45°, white'...

    +VAT (R300.00)

    Super bright High Bay light including reflective aluminum fitting replacing 500W metal halide factory lights for industrial lighting and warehousing. Available in 50/80/100 Watt and different beam angles. Can be mounted as high as 25 meters. High-powered solid state Bridgelux LEDs guarantee energy savings and long life span!
  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    LED Flood Light

    SKU: OZ01118 Available in 8 variations including '10 Watt / 1100 Lumen'...

    +VAT (R59.85)

    Powerful high intensity LED flood light from 20 Watt to 80 Watt replacing 500W halogen or metal halide flood lights. Ideal for outdoor signage/bill boards, industrial applications in factories, yards or storage areas as well as for public lighting around parking areas, stadiums and general security lighting.
  • Oznium Light Factor 4

    LED Fairy Lights

    SKU: OZ00943 Available in 1 variations including 'clear white'...

    +VAT (R40.35)

    This new range of outdoor LED fairy lights is the must to have accessory for Christmas, birthday parties or your upcoming wedding. It comes in 10 meter length with 100 little LED lights in a string and connects directly into a power outlet via its 2-pin plug.
  • Oznium Light Factor 6

    B22 Bayonet Replacement Bulb

    SKU: OZ00925 Available in 1 variations including '6W warm white'...

    +VAT (R33.30)

    The 6W Bayonet replacement LED light bulb is a standard looking bulb with the good old bayonet fitting. This LED bulb is the equivalent to the old 60W globe and an ideal replacement bulb in common areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms and patios.
  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    3W Oznium E14 Metal

    SKU: OZ00910 Available in 1 variations including 'white'...

    +VAT (R19.35)

    A very bright LED light at a very affordable price. The 3W Oznium E14 metal fits into the small Edison screw type base and is a must for your small study lamp or a bedside reading light fitting. At only 3W power consumption a perfect replacement light for those who love reading throughout the night.
  • Oznium Light Factor 10

    LED Streetlight

    SKU: OZ00702

    +VAT (R974.85)

    Ozniums LED Street Light uses an ultra-modern design housing equipped with high power integrated solid-state LEDs, tempered glass cover and reflective backing to ensure optimal Lux output. Advanced thermal, short circuit protection, low maintenance cost and easy installation.
  • Oznium Light Factor 7

    3W Oznium GU10 Metal

    SKU: OZ00302 Available in 1 variations including 'warm white'...

    +VAT (R20.25)

    This 3W high quality LED spot light gives a bright warm white light from 20 surface mounted (SMD) LEDs that are protected behind a glass cover and held by a GU10 two pin twist-in metal fitting. Perfect for garden spike lights and any other 220V downlight replacing incandescent 50 Watt spot lights.