Strip Light Connector

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Strip Light Connector

Interconnectors to extend LED segments, power connectors to connect to LED drivers and 4-core RGB cable make the installation of your LED strip lights super easy and hassle free.

This LED product is out of stock or has been discontinued and replaced by a new product with an upgraded design and functionality. If you are interested in purchasing this particular item, please contact our customer support.

Technical Specification

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Product Description for Strip Light Connector

The LED strip light inter connector is a very easy to use clip type connector which you can use to connect two LED strip lights together and thus extend the strip light as long as you would like. The strip light inter connectors are not waterproof, however can be sealed by coating them with a blob of silicon sealer. They come in about 30mm length which gives you enough wire space to extend strips around a corner.

If you intend to connect a cut LED strip directly to a 12 Volt power source – just half the inter-connector in 2 pieces by cutting it instead of wasting extra money on buying 2 power connectors (in fact we don’t offer them so that is your best solution anyways). In case you damage an inter connector rather throw it away and use a new one.

Please pay attention when you order to get the right size: The 2-wire type is for single color LED strips (our Econo type) whereas the 4-wire connector goes onto the RGB strip. Our experienced staff will make sure that we double check your order, so no big worries!

Due to popular demand, we added the 4-core cable to our product range. You can order by the meter and this product will make RGB strip light installations from one side of the TV across to the other side of the lounge so much easier.

Please watch this video that shows how to cut an LED strip and connect the cut piece after removing the raisin through soldering which is our preferred way of doing it if the installation should last for a long time:

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