RGB Striplight Amplifier

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RGB Striplight Amplifier

Universal RGB color changing data repeater enables precise color changing synchronization across all LED strips/modules that are longer than 15 meters. Works seamlessly with all Oznium RGB color changing controllers.

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Technical Specification

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Power consumption
144 max load 12A
LED working temperature
-20 to 60°
20,000+ hours
106 x 64 x 24mm; 100g

Product Description for RGB Striplight Amplifier

This useful accessory solves problems of large RGB strip light or color changing lighting setups. Typically, RGB strip lights can only be controlled by one RGB color controller up to 5 or so meters, since the controller rating will prevent longer setups and the light would lose its signal. The Oznium RGB Striplight amplifier synchronizes the RGB data from your master controller – which allows you to control up to 150 Watt installations.

Rugged housing ensures durability, while maintaining an elegant appearance. Its 124 gram makes it extremely light and compact and it can be hidden to accommodate whatever indoor or outdoor lighting design situation is available.

Advanced heat-sink ensures flawless operation, even if used in a 24/7 operation. The unit supports RGB full color strip lights, comes in a silver shell and works with three-way RGB signal (common anode or cathode). Can be controlled by PWW (pulse width modulation) technology as well.

Installation Instructions

Operate cautiously and read these instructions carefully:

  • For installation, try to avoid strong magnetic field and high-pressure area.
  • Ensure that the wire is connected correctly and firmly in order to avoid short-circuit damage to parts and posing a fire hazard.
  • Please install controller in a well-ventilated place to ensure that the ambient temperature is moderate.
  • Before using this product, please check the DC power and voltage are meeting the product technical requirements, e.g. 12 Volt and that positive and negative polarity is properly applied.
  • Prohibit live wiring, check to confirm wiring is correct, only if no short-circuit then power the unit


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