Quick Splice Connector

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Quick Splice Connector

Quick splice wiring just got so much easier! This little connector bar will save you a lot of time when quickly connecting up multiple wires on one common bar – available in 3 or 5 pin and a must to have! Make sure you buy always a pair for positive and negative wires.

This LED product is out of stock or has been discontinued and replaced by a new product with an upgraded design and functionality. If you are interested in purchasing this particular item, please contact our customer support.
Oznium Light Factor 5

Technical Specification

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up to 220V
LED working temperature
-20 to 60°
IP Class
not waterproof!

Product Description for Quick Splice Connector

Oznium’s 3 and 5-way splice connector are a must to have LED accessory and will save you plenty of time when connecting multiple LED strips. The connector is the safest and fastest way to connect pins from the same electrical continuity.

Choose from either 3-way (one in, 2 out) or 5-way (one in, 4 out). Need more than 5 pins then just daisy chain multiple units to each other. Please note that once the lever is closed, the installation is safe and prevents accidental unclamping of the wires.


Installation Instructions

Strip wires about 4-5mm off and then lift up the orange taps. Reserver one wire for incoming e.g. positive and use the others for outgoing of the same current. Then, insert wires and clamp down orange taps, and voila, you are connected. We hope these little illustrations help you with your LED lighting installation:

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