Multi-Color Pool LED Light

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Multi-Color Pool LED Light

The Oznium Par56 swimming pool LED light provides super bright color-changing light from 546 LEDs that are remote controlled. This is a standard size light which will fit your existing or you can purchase one with a new housing.

This LED product is out of stock or has been discontinued and replaced by a new product with an upgraded design and functionality. If you are interested in purchasing this particular item, please contact our customer support.
Oznium Light Factor 9

Technical Specification

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Base type
Fits into standard pool housing
Power consumption
12V AC
650 lumen
Beam angle
30 Degree
Light source
546 multi-color LEDs
Color temperature
7 colors
LED working temperature
Depending on your pool :-)
UV/IR Radiation
IP Class
IP68 waterproof housing
+50,000 hours

Product Description for Multi-Color Pool LED Light

Add brilliant illumination to your pool or spa with the Oznium Multi-Color Pool LED Light. The unique mounting system makes it perfect for vinyl-liner and concrete pools.

The LED pool light consists of more than 500 little color-changing LEds, and to create a different mood, simply use the remote control to change the lighting to either a static color or to one of the color changing modes including Flash, jumping colors, fading and full cycle.

Connect the LED pool light to an LED 12 Volt AC power supply. Please note the slight difference – AC power not DC. If you use DC power, then the remote will not work. Make sure you get AC 12 Volt!

Make sure that you never connect the light to a 220V source by mistake – otherwise it will damage the LED lights. Also, once the light is connected, use the remote control (after inserting the battery properly) to switch the light on.

Main product features:

  • For Vinyl and concrete Pools
  • Requires only one hole to be drilled through the wall of the pool
  • Energy-efficient, bright LED lights with clear tempered glass lens
  • Easy installation in vinyl liner or concrete pools and spas
  • New cord sealing material eliminates potential for leakage
  • Highly polished stainless steel face ring is attractive and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to service
  • Remote control for color changing effects included
  • 12-volt low voltage so no safety risk


Remote Control Function

The radio frequency (RF) remote control (no line of sight required) includes a battery and controls your pool light:

  • Red on
  • Green on
  • Yellow on
  • Blue on
  • Purple on
  • Cyan on
  • White On
  • Red Flash (speed adjustable)
  • Green Flash (speed adjustable)
  • Yellow Flash (speed adjustable)
  • Blue Flash (speed adjustable)
  • Purple Flash (speed adjustable)
  • Cyan Flash (speed adjustable)
  • White Flash (speed adjustable)
  • Three-Color jumpy changing speed adjustable
  • Seven-Color jumpy changing speed adjustable
  • Three-Color gradual changing speed adjustable
  • Seven-Color gradual changing speed adjustable
  • Full Cycle (Step 15, 16, 17, 18, speed adjustable


Watch this little video to view how to switch the LED pool light on and how to toggle through its various color modes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I connect this to a timer? Yes, although the low energy consumption pool light already saves you money on your Eskom bill, best to connect using a day night switch. However, the light comes with a remote control so you can use that too to regulate light color and on/off function.

What is the cable length on the light? About 50cm but you can extend at your own convenience.

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