LED High Bay Light

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LED High Bay Light

Super bright High Bay light including reflective aluminum fitting replacing 500W metal halide factory lights for industrial lighting and warehousing. Available in 50/80/100 Watt and different beam angles. Can be mounted as high as 25 meters. High-powered solid state Bridgelux LEDs guarantee energy savings and long life span!

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- decrease+ increase50 Watt, 45°, white2,000.00In 3 wks
- decrease+ increase80 Watt, 90°, white2,500.00In stock
- decrease+ increase120 Watt, 90°, white3,000.00In 3 wks
- decrease+ increase300 Watt, 90°, white3,500.00In 3 wks
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Oznium Light Factor 9

Technical Specification

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Base type
Reflective Aluminum bay
Power consumption
85-265V AC
from 4500 up to 10,500
Beam angle
Light source
Bridgelux (45MIL) LEDs
Color temperature
LED working temperature
up to 60 degrees Celsius
UV/IR Radiation
IP Class
50,000+ hours
50 Watt, 45°, white
413 x 413 x 457mm; 4,150g
80 Watt, 90°, white
460 x 460 x 613mm; 5,600g
120 Watt, 90°, white
460 x 460 x 613mm; 5,600g
300 Watt, 90°, white
460 x 460 x 613mm; 5,600g

Product Description for LED High Bay Light

Two stunning LED high bay lights in 50Watt and 80Watt will drop your electricity bill by about 80% or more. Ideal for factories, shopping malls, sports centers, warehouses and even modern loft-style offices. Equipped with reflective aluminum housing, they produce a 10-30 meter light radius from about 15 meter height.

Main product features include:

  • Substantial energy saving compared to high pressure sodium or metal halide lights
  • long life span with minimum luminance attenuation (means light continues to be strong even after many years)
  • Narrow and wide radiation angle available (see curve below)
  • Instant start and no humming/flickering with even light distribution and brilliant color rendering
  • Solid state LED design and circuitry makes it literally maintenance free
  • Great for shock and high vibration environment
  • Low heat emission reduces air conditioning loads
  • Unique design with anodized silver housing for cooler operation and extended lamp life
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials
Height/Radius Diagram

This curve illustrates the different illuminated area and the average illumination with the high bay light mounted at different heights. The left side shows the area (radius) illuminated for the 50 Watt 45° Oznium High Bay LED and the right hand side for the 80 Watt 90° LED. The middle shows the actual height for the light (in our test setup) in meters.

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