LED Color Controller RF 20 Key

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LED Color Controller RF 20 Key

20 key LED remote controller that uses radio frequency and works through walls and does not require line of sight. Plenty of modes, dimming and color-options available to control your LED strip lights from the palm of your hand, with memory function.

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Technical Specification

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Power consumption
static 1W 3 channel output 4A
DC5V, 12V, 18V, 24V optional
LED working temperature
-20-60 °
+50,000 hours
RF 20 key
91 x 71 x 28mm; 102g

Product Description for LED Color Controller RF 20 Key

This extremely flexible color-changing LED controller can drive multiple LED strip lights and control them from the palm of your hand. Even after powering off the controller from a switch or transformer, the previous color, dimming and mode settings will be remembered!

The advanced micro-unit changes the color of RGB LED light fittings that use 4 channel Red-Green-Blue and common positive (anode) plus the speed and dimm mode in increments of 1-100 wireless. The LED remote control is included with the LED controller and also allows you to control the brightness through a dimming function over a remote distance of 10 to 15 meters via 433 MHz frequency.

Every output channel can handle up to 4 amps of current on each channel and depending on the voltage can supply between 60 Watt (5V), 144 Watt (12V), 216 Watt (18V) up to 288 Watt (24V).

Controller Instruction Manual:

The mode button controls the following functions:

  • ON/OFF – you could turn on or turn off the output of controller
  • Play/Stop – Play or stop led changing, easy to observe led static effect
  • Brightness + the brightness series will add one when you press it
  • Brightness – the brightness series will reduce one when you press it
  • Red/Green/Blue/White/Orange/Yellow/Cyan/Purple – static colors with brightness adjustable as dimmer
  • AUTO – moving through all the modes automatically
  • JUMP3 – 3 color step change with speed and brightness adjustable
  • FADE3 – 3 color fade change with speed adjustable but no brightness
  • SPEED +/- adjust the speed series
  • JUMP7 – 7 color step change with speed and brightness adjustable
  • FADE7 – 7 color fade change with speed adjustable but no brightness

This controller can be used in both business and home environments such as restaurants, lounges where the lighting color and pattern is used to create a certain mood. Eye catching LED displays at trade shows or presentations or even coin-operated vendor machines are other application types.

Wiring Diagram:

The connection of the RGB controller to your full color LEDs is dead simple – just wire up the plus/negative input to your 12 V LED transformer (DC) and connect the 4 output channels to your color-changing strip light or any other full color fixture that uses 4 channels:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which lights can I use this controller with? Every 4 channel full color LED light such as the Oznium waterproof RGB strip lights.

How do I connect this controller to my LEDs? Simply wire the controller plus/minus to your 12 V power source on your LED driver and then match each channel wire (red, green, blue) and the common positive or common anode. Once all wires are connected, the controller will work via the remote control.

1 Customer Review

  1. Abdul

    7 years ago

    This is a must have if you buy the RGB strip lights asi t allows you to see exactly what they are capable of. Easy to install and the entire installation can remain hidden since this is an RF remote control.


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