High Intensity Waterproof Mini Spot

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High Intensity Waterproof Mini Spot

Ultra powerful LED spotlight with 25 degree spot beam, waterproof aluminum housing for submersible or outdoor use with only 1 Watt power consumption on 12Volt. Simply amazing!

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Technical Specification

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Base type
Power consumption
11.7-84.2 lumens
Beam angle
25° narrow spot beam
Color temperature
LED working temperature
-20 to 60° (around 54°)
IP Class
50,000+ hours
cool white
40 x 40 x 29mm; 48g
warm white
40 x 40 x 29mm; 48g

Product Description for High Intensity Waterproof Mini Spot

This waterproof LED spotlight can be used for a number of lighting tasks in your home including art lighting, garden spotlighting and so much more. The light is completely waterproof and available in multiple colors ranging from white at 6,500K over warm white at 3,300K to red, green, orange or blue.

It comes in a sleek aluminum housing with auto-connected resistor and pre-wired red/black 12V plus and minus connectors – simply connect them to one of Oznium’s power supplies or a 12V car battery and off you go.

And for those of you that love ‘pimp my ride’, this high intensity LED can auto glow your car’s front grille, light up you trunk, foot wells, wheel wells, under the hood, on headlights or even along the dash warning lights.

Color Data Table:

Technical drawings:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the mini spotlight be used in a koi fish pond as submersible light? Yes, of course, even in salt water. The Oznium mini spotlight is IP68 rated and fully waterproof.

What is the length of the pre-wired cables? About a meter, and you can easily extend.

Can they be hooked up to a remote? Yes, no problem. Any of our remote color controllers should work - just wire them on one channel only.

Does the mini flood work with a music & flash interface? Yep, no problem as its all on low voltage. Enjoy the music!

Are these bright enough to be used as fog lights? Sure! They are very bright. The Spot Light will send a very concentrated beam of light straight ahead. They aren't bright enough to be used as a fully functional fog light, but they will work great as an auxiliary fog light.

If I tossed this into an aquarium like it is would I have a problem or do I have to do something else with the wires? All you would have to do is make sure any wiring connections that might be exposed to water are secure from moisture. You do not have to do anything to the light itself as it is fully waterproof.

4 Customer Reviews

  1. Peet

    8 years ago

    I found this product to do the job on my 48Ft boat
    I will be ordering more for a friend


  2. Shaun

    8 years ago

    Another seaman’s adivce: this little but powerful LED device turns the outside area of your boat into bright daylight (obviously not during the day ;o). Very good value for money.


  3. Anton

    7 years ago

    connected to a 9Volt block battery and even works well on that one. amazingly low energy consumption


  4. Alan

    6 years ago

    I installed these on a boat trailer and wired up the reverse lighting to switch these on. They work great and now when reversing a 6M trailer I can see if there are any obstructions before driving over/into them.

    No need to increase fuse or wiring strength as they draw so little power but illuminate so well.


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