High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

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High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

Ultra-low energy consumption mini LED flood light with high intensity LED, waterproof aluminum housing, pre-wired cable and resistors for outdoor use in home, auto/car and garden lighting projects.

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Oznium Light Factor 8

Technical Specification

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Base type
Power consumption
Beam angle
120° wide angle
Light source
Single high-powered LED
Color temperature
3,529-6,211 Kelvin
LED working temperature
-20 to 60° (around 54°)
IP Class
50,000+ hours
cool white
40 x 40 x 20mm; 48g
warm white
40 x 40 x 20mm; 48g

Product Description for High Intensity Waterproof Mini Flood

This LED product was designed to impress: Super bright, ultra-low in energy consumption, waterproof even ok to be fully submerged for years of underwater brilliance and in 6 color options: red, green, blue, orange, warm white, and white.

The high intensity mini flood light comes with about a meter cable, so there is no need to get your soldering iron hot. Its high powered LED operates on 12 Volt. Make sure you fuse it if connected to a solar energy source or car or even boat battery, or use one of Oznium’s LED drivers.

This particular flood light has a super wide beam angle of 120 degrees, and if you are looking for a more narrow option make sure you check out its sister-product, the high intensity waterproof mini spot light which provides a rather narrow 25 degree beam angle.

We strongly recommend this product for all sorts of boat & marine lighting, on use of cars, motorbikes and camping trailers, and of course for commercial lighting as well as garden & landscaping.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be hooked up to an RGB controller and have the same basic (strobe, flash, fade, etc) functions as an LED strip? No, because these don't come in RGB.

Do you think you will ever make let's say a 3 or a 5 watt spotlight with a 45 degree angle? Yes, we just launched the new Oznium Eclipse LED light which might excite you as much as us.

Do you make them in UV? If not, will you? We do not make them in Ultra-violet, but we could. Contact us for custom orders.

How many amps does 1 flood draw? About 0.5 Amps.

3 Customer Reviews

  1. Harald

    7 years ago

    Good LED solution which covers a failry large area with even distributed light (nice wide beam angle).


  2. Gabriel

    7 years ago

    What a little gem of a product. Used them instaed my halogen downlights on a battery while having a power shortage the other day and got about 50% of the light an old 100W does. What a trick. Will not only order more for the next power crisis but look into replacing my entire downlights in my home.


  3. Martin

    7 years ago

    I use 5 of them in my maintenance room of the house where the geysers, gas bottles and the generator is stored. Used to have a 300Watt flood light there, and now down to 5x 1 Watt. Cost saving of about factor 60? Simply blown away.


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