Eclipse 10W LED Spotlight

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Eclipse 10W LED Spotlight

A fully loaded arsenal of lumens packed into a rugged & sturdy solid-state aluminum LED fixture. With only 10Watt energy consumption, this seems to be the most powerful low voltage flood light in the market, and we should offer complimentary sunnies with it!

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Oznium Light Factor 10

Technical Specification

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Power consumption
About 850
Beam angle
Light source
Solid-State LED
Color temperature
LED working temperature
-20 to 60° (around 54°)
IP Class
IP67 splash proof
69 x 69 x 100mm; 330g
warm white
69 x 69 x 100mm; 330g
69 x 69 x 100mm; 330g
69 x 69 x 100mm; 330g
69 x 69 x 100mm; 330g
RGB multi-color
69 x 69 x 100mm; 348g

Product Description for Eclipse 10W LED Spotlight

The ultimate energy-saving low voltage flood light has arrived – welcome to the Oznium Eclipse 10 Watt. This fully loaded LED fixture comes with plenty of features:

  • Super-bright high powered 10 Watt LED
  • Glass lens protecting the LED providing  precise cutoff points of the light beam
  • Multiple color options available, including RGB million color version that includes handheld infrared remote control
  • Rugged and sturdy solid-state aluminum base that also acts as a heat sink, ensuring years of worry-free use
  • Includes female plug which easily plugs into AC adapter for quick installation
Check out the beautiful colors and bright light distribution with a couple of Eclipse LEDs wired up in a garden lighting up some palm trees:

2 Customer Reviews

  1. Douglas P

    5 years ago

    I was honestly shocked at how bright this was! When I plugged the Eclipse 10w LED Spotlight in for the first time it lit up the whole room and it wasn’t even very dark out yet!


  2. Clynton Harris

    5 years ago

    Awesome and Powerful little Spot Light. Going to use these to throw up light around the garden and pool. Really good quality all metal contruction and lightly warm to the touch after 30 minutes of operation. I now have a garden of Eden, thanks Guys.


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