Betta Solar Powered LED Light Kit

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Betta Solar Powered LED Light Kit

Solar powered LED light for low cost, informal housing, farming communities and outdoor creation with mobile phone charger, LED crystal battery, solar panel and all cables included. Choose from one up to eight LED Lights. Ready to go!

This LED product is out of stock or has been discontinued and replaced by a new product with an upgraded design and functionality. If you are interested in purchasing this particular item, please contact our customer support.
Oznium Light Factor 4

Technical Specification

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Power consumption
5 Watt
15 Lux brightness
Beam angle
Light source
22 LEDs
Color temperature
LED working temperature
-40 to +60 C
UV/IR Radiation
IP Class
SABS approved
+50,000 hours

Product Description for Betta Solar Powered LED Light Kit

The Betta One and Two Solar Powered LED light is a full do-it-yourself kit of LED light(s), controller with LED crystal battery, 3Watt (One) or 5 Watt (Two) solar panel and even a cell phone charger for most mobile phone adapters!

This is a super eco-friendly solution which is affordable, reliable, bright, and has a solar powered LED light for a single room environment of 15 sqm for the Betta One and twice the size for the Betta Two solution. The LED Light contains 22 LED’s, generating light equal to that of a 7Watt CFL Light bulb or a 60Watt electric Light bulb. The BettaOne Light solution comes as a “Do It Yourself” kit and includes all fasteners. All plugs are color coded which makes it super easy to connect, and proper installation diagrams and instructions are included in the package.

For all outdoor friends or people who live in rural environment such as farms, wineries or low cost housing environments – one LED light is capable of enough power to run for 24 hours continously and only requires about 2 and a half hours of full sunlight to re-charge – what more do you need in South Africa? It is your ideal LED camping light for your weekend away!


Configuration & Setup

The Betta lights are super easy to install – literally all ‘ingredients’ come inside the box and all you need to do is to follow the instructions and plug & play install your LED Betta Lights as per the following diagram:


The choice is yours

Since we offer multiple Betta Light products – you can choose from BettaOne, BettaTwo, BettaFour, BettaFive and even an Upgrade package. Here is what comes inside the box:


Technology and Life Expectancy

The architecture of Lead Crystal batteries consist of lead plates, and an acidic solution of SiO2 as electrolyte. During the first few discharge/charge cycles, the electrolyte solidifies and forms a non toxic white crystalline substance.This results in a safe, fluid-less, high performance and environmentally friendly battery:

  • The battery out performs any other battery technology at extreme temperatures due to no fluid that can freeze and expand causing bending of plates.
  • The battery functions from -40 to +60 C°.
  • The expected life of the Lead Crystal Battery technology is 7 – 10 years, with a 3 year warrantee.
  • A 5 year warrantee is also available.
  • The technology’s shelf life is 3 years without constant float changing.
  • The batteries can be mounted on the side with no risk of spilling.
  • The battery can be discharged 100% and can be recharged with no special charging processes, no memory is formed.
  • It generates low internal temperatures during the charge and discharge functions.
  • The battery is designed to work with a 5% ripple current, which will only affect the cycle life by 1% under normal conditions.
  • When overcharged, the battery will recover normal.
  • Recharges up to 5 times faster than competitive products.

The life expectancy is 50,000 hours for the LED and for the solar panel 15 years.


Product Endorsement

The product is endorsed by the Central Energy Fund, SANCOC IP65 and CE and proof of concept successfully finalized over 18 months installed in South African Police Services as emergency lighting in charge offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 25 hours if the lights are only used for a maxi- mum of 6 hours per night? The system design considers the fact that the lights may be used longer if required and that may be followed by a clouded day or short winter day.To ensure availability of lights, always switch lights off when not in use.

Is the battery charged if it is overclouded? Yes, but the batteries are charged at a lower rate.

Can other light bulbs be used in Betta Life Light? No, the Betta Life Light LED lights are specially designed for this application.

Can the light bulbs be used with other power sources? Yes, if the power source is 6 Volt Direct Current.

What is the expected battery life? 3 years expected life.

If the batteries are defective, can I replace them with batteries purchased from the local store? Yes, provided that it is a 6 volt 12Ahr battery.

Is the Betta.Life.Light System Upgradeable? The system is upgradeable from the standard 5 lights to an 8 lights solution.The standard solution comes with an 8 port controller unit and the battery box also makes provision for an additional 2 batteries. Please contact us for bulk and custom orders.

In what direction should the solar panel be directed? The panel should face the sun at 12 noon in the month when the sunshine is the weakest. That is normally in the middle of the winter or in the heavy rainy season

Where should the controller be placed? The controller should be placed in such a position that the solar panel cable can reach it and where the cables of the lights and cell phone charger can reach it. The controller should also be placed low enough that children can reach the light switches.

How should the solar panel be installed? The solar panel can be fixed to any structure that will hold it firmly into position.

Are there any pitfalls to select a panel position? Yes, many. Please ensure that the solar panel will receive unobstructed sun for the whole day, for all 4 seasons of the year. If it is fixed against a wall, ensure that the roof overhang will not obstruct the sun during summer months. This is of particular importance for locations, approaching the equator.

What is the most important usage rule? To switch lights off when not in use.

Can the bulbs be used in other lights, like in 220 AC power? No, not at all. The bulbs are specifically manufactured for this application.

Where can I get spare bulbs?  The expected bulb life is more than 20 years. If however, a spare bulb is needed, please contact us or purchase directly from the top of this page.

5 Customer Reviews

  1. Theo

    8 years ago

    Absolute pleasing customer service from these guys. All on time as mentioned and very easy installation/ set-up with brilliant LED light powered by SOLAR energy. I am already looking forward to my jealous camping mates at the campsites ;o) Thanks for making this so easy for me.


  2. Shaun

    8 years ago

    Didn’t actually know that there is SOLAR powered LED lights on the market. Great product. Using it on my boat and they work very good. Not only have “free of charge” light now but also charge my cell phone and run a little radio with the help of my sunny friend. To all you seamen out there let me tell you: THIS IS WORTH BUYING!


  3. Stephan

    7 years ago

    Did not think of using this solar device as a security light but gave it a go. Thank god because it is the best idea I had in a long time. Even clouds cant stop the device to collect enough enery to give sufficient light throughout the night. I am impressed and will think about other clever ideas which I will then register patents for, of course ;o)


  4. Wayne

    7 years ago

    Got it as birthday present for a mate of mine to use on his boat – he loves it!


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