5W Multi-Color LED Spotlight

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5W Multi-Color LED Spotlight

The 5W Multi-Color LED downlighter is a recessed light bulb that can change color using the remote or a switch. The remote is automatically included with each set of these energy saving super bright LED light bulbs.

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Technical Specification

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Base type
Power consumption
Beam angle
45 degress
Light source
High powered LED
Color temperature
RGB color changing
LED working temperature
approximately 35 Celsius
10,000+ hours
50 x 50 x 58mm; 72g

Product Description for 5W Multi-Color LED Spotlight

The 5W Multi-Color LED spotlight is a recessed light bulb that can change color using an infrared remote control. The remote is included with each set of these energy saving super bright LED light bulbs. One remote can be used to control multiple lights at once, but remember line of sight is required.

The multi-color changing LED light is a replacement light operating on 12V (with MR16 fitting) and only the E27 or GU10 fitting can be plugged into a 220V fittings. The 12V MR16 version also requires a minimum of 5W transformer and as with most LEDs, the standard electronic transformers do not work but special LED rated transformers must be used.

Depending on your color choice, the 5W multi-color LED light outputs 225 lumen in red, 350 in green, 175 in blue and about 250 lumen on average for a mixture of colors.

All the product benefits of this million color bulb at a glance:

  • Solid-state LED with multi-colors
  • Available in 12V and 220V fittings MR16, E27 and GU10
  • Includes infrared remote control
  • Million color settings plus flash, strobe, fade and smooth fade effects

You can use this light for entertainment lighting, residential lighting and of course for commercial lighting applications.

Remote Control Instructions

The remote allows you to switch the LED on, off or through its various functions. Those include static color selection of red, green, blue, white and 12 further pre-set color combinations. A full color spectrum can be achieved by tuning a combination of R-G-B (red/green/blue) colors, and if all of them are set at the same voltage, the light output is actually white.

In addition, flash, strobe, fade and smooth fade functions provide interesting LED color-changing effects. The ‘Setup’ button locks the current setting. Four color brightness buttons regulate the strength of the LED light.

Watch this little video demonstrating the static and changing color settings.

3 Customer Reviews

  1. Paul

    6 years ago

    Obviously quality is important to me but their service is really worth to mention. I ordered three of these RGB spotlights and they arrived in less than 36 hours in Pretoria! But the cherry on the top was them contacting me to ask if I needed the remote control which comes at a seperate item and was not ordered by me. Hey, thansk for the reminder becaue the remote is a lovely and useful accessories. Since it is a hassle to source these kind of products in Pretoria (or shall I say in SA) I reckon it would taken mem ages to get them here. Thanks and keep up the good site. I will recommend them to my mates. Paul


  2. Ronald

    6 years ago

    A different LED product: I checked the mentioned energy consumption (all according to specs) and the various color settings, too. Nice side effect: its not only me who likes this light but the color changing effect on our pool left a huge impression on my wife. Only real downside (and I am not kidding you): some of my friends want the same lights but dont want to wait/order them. Instead they “test” our friendship by asking if they cant have mine. What shall I say: thats cool with me because maybe I will qualify for a discount, soon?


  3. Bradley

    5 years ago

    Plug & Play. Replaced old 12 volt downlighter in bathroom and now have perfect mood lighting in lots of different colors


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