3W Oznium MR16 Metal

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3W Oznium MR16 Metal

The 3W Oznium MR16 is your standard low-voltage 12V replacement bulb for 50W halogen downlighters. Most customers order our 12 Volt warm white color option which is perfect for indoor home lighting but also for mood and decoration lighting, at an affordable price and maximum energy savings.

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Oznium Light Factor 7

Technical Specification

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Base type
Power consumption
3.5 Watt
Beam angle
Light source
20 dimmable SMD 5050 LEDs
Color temperature
2,800-3,300 Kelvin
LED working temperature
Less than 53 °C
UV/IR Radiation
No UV radiation
CE & RoHS approved
50,000+ hours
warm white
50 x 50 x 50mm; 40g
50 x 50 x 50mm; 42g

Product Description for 3W Oznium MR16 Metal

Looking for a brilliant natural LED bulb to replace those old incandescent 50Watt spots that you can feel on your Eskom electricity bill every month? The 3W Oznium MR16 is the perfect low voltage replacement bulb and one of our best-selling units featuring:

  • Unbelievable 93% saving on energy consumption
  • Natural yet powerful light providing a cozy atmosphere
  • 20 surface mounted LEDs (5050 chipset) protected with anti-static clear glass cover
  • Metal body with heat sink for excellent thermal management so there’s no risk of fire
  • No interference through radio frequency, zero UV radiation
  • Easy installation and literally maintenance free

…and all of the above at an affordable price.

Most of our customers are ordering the warm white light color option which is perfect for indoor home lighting and mood or decorative lighting. Other lighting application include commercial lighting, ceiling lighting and entertainment lighting.

3W Oznium MR16 Metal, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 3W Oznium MR16 metal LED light bulb be used in a garden? Yes, the 3W Oznium MR-16 metal LED light bulb can be used in garden light fittings if they are supplied with 12V electricity. This is great especially for solar powered garden lights.

Is the bulb water proof? Unfortunately, it is not. We recommend that you put the LEDs into waterproof fittings or use waterproof LEDs, particularly those that you want to point upwards.

Is the back of the LED getting hot after long running hours? Not really, since the working temperature of low voltage LEDs is considerably lower than, for instance, that of halogen light bulbs. In addition, there is a metal heat sink in the back which helps emitting surplus heat. You should be able to touch the LED and the protective glass cover without burning your fingers.

How long will this Oznium LED last? The factory rating describes it up to +50,000 hours and so far, we have had literally no returns. If properly fused (to protect the 12 Volt circuit) and fitted into proper LED light fitting, the LED will last you for a very long time.

I replaced 10 halogen LEDs with 10 Oznium LEDs and the lights flicker while dimming? You most likely used a not suitable dimmer that does not cater for the low wattage (minim current required). Try one of our dedicated LED dimmer switches or an older wired transformer on the high voltage side. Another simple trick is to increase the load by mixing e.g. one halogen spot with 9 LED bulbs if you were to replace 10 bulbs.

9 Customer Reviews

  1. Sheila

    8 years ago

    Not more to say than best LED product I could find (online and offline) to replace my 50W Halogens with excellent service. Will buy my next LEDs from you again. Sherry

    After doing a lot of research…. and I mean, a LOT of looking into and testing LED lights currently in the market, I’ve found that the 3W bulbs supplied delivered on replacing the 50W Halogens that I had in my home. The service and delivery was professional and fastidious and I will gladly do business with them again.


  2. Jeremy

    7 years ago

    Already liked the GU10 version and reckon that this 3W MR16 downlight is the best repalcement option currently available in the market. If lowering your energy consumption is important to you, think about using one of these. One personal hint: if you consider to use them in your graden I would rather go for the white instead the warm white light because in my view that has a much better impact on your natural garden colors.


  3. Cole

    7 years ago

    Always wanted to replace my 200W dining room light into a more pleasant and energy saving light but could not find the right products (mostly cheap stuff from Asia). I am very glad that I found these guys. These 4 3W MR16 Downlights are exactly what I was looking for and have been a huge success in my house cause my family is happy, too. Because my dining room is the room with the largest proportion of our overall light energy need I honestly can feel the difference in cost with no real loss in lighting, Will look into moving my other rooms to LED, too.


  4. Eduardo

    7 years ago

    Was looking for a nice solution for my entrance area of my house. Energy saving and environmental aspects are important to me, but equally important is the ambient/ kind of light the new solution would give this area. I am convinced now that LED is the future of light and I will certainly keep on changing my old light in the future.


  5. Phillip

    7 years ago

    I thought I have started my own home-adventure by swapping all of my 50W MR16 downlights in my house with 3W LED’s. But it was easier than thought and I even went the extra mile and properly mounted them into my ceiling (believe me, thats the only way to go with downlights). Must admit that I was rather pessimistic about the the amount of light LED’s will deliver but as it turns out I did not have to worry about it at all. I have used the “warm white”, kind of yellow version, which gives your home a nice, cozy touch. Also have tested some other LED products from other supplier but they did not convince me. Not only the quality and pricing but especially the poor quality of their service got my goat (if I order online I expect prompt delivery like afrom this website!). Unfortunately I have to replace the other LED products but reckon its definitely worth the effort. Just let me point out that based on my experiences their is many many LED supplier out there and every day new ones puch into the market but one must carefully select the place where to finally buy. Why? The diffeerences in quality, customer service, pricing, design and not to forget to mention in the kind of light the LED’s give varies dramatically. It does not make sense to me to replace all my old light with energy saving LED technology but its rather uncomfortable in my house then. So always have a look at the different wattage (even the big brands – dont wanna mention names – are selling with inacceptable beam angles which obviously are of use for a minority out there and may stop new LED buyers from converting more of their lights into LED. This is comletely unneccessary because their is such brilliant products out there in the market. One must just know where to look. HERE ;o) These LES downlights have a 120 degree beam angle (!) in comparions to the 60 degreesd of the other lights I had. I have successfully replaced a total of 600W lights to unbelieveable 36W and can certainly recommend these lights as great replacements for your old energy bandits. Will buy more now since I know where to find the top of the lot in SA.

    I will be buying more myself in future now that I have found a reliable source with quality products.


  6. Leo

    7 years ago

    I like their professional service and I was happy to receive my products quickly overnight.
    Good customer oriented service like this is seldom in our part of the world.
    Glad to share my experiences with friends & family.


  7. Tony

    7 years ago

    My new LED’s replace the old 50W downlighters and give my lounge area and dininig room a very nice light. My expectations of LED lights are more than met. The service of this e-commerce shop is very good.


  8. Jonathan

    7 years ago

    this is one fo the most powerful LED lights I have seen. I am using it in my study (3 down lights) as well as with the garden spike lights connected to the timer on my pool DB board. very bright lights and a very natural color.


  9. Jaap Nel

    6 years ago

    I have tested several LED options and eventually decided to replaced 78 lights with 3W Oznium MR16 Metal warm white. The results are impressive – good light distribution, colour temperature and output. The service received was excellent (Couriered to Pretoria).


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