220V LED Dimmer Switch

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220V LED Dimmer Switch

Available in 2×2 and 4×2, this 220V LED dimmer switch fits into standard wall box and seamlessly dims any of your Oznium LEDs without flickering from 0 to 100, taking advantage of the full range of brightness of your dimmable LED products.

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Technical Specification

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Base type
4x2 and 2x2 wallbox
Power consumption
10A rating
Light source
Dims up to 2,200 Watt of LEDs
LED working temperature
-20 to 50°
UV/IR Radiation
IP Class
85% RH - not waterproof!
50,000+ hours
120 x 72 x 50mm; 77g

Product Description for 220V LED Dimmer Switch

When investing into LED replacement lights, or upgrading your home or office with LED strips, its important to take advantage of the full range of brightness of your dimmable LEDs.

This 220Volt LED dimmer switch does exactly that – smooth 0-100% dimming. In stylish white, it comes as a surface or wall mounted unit and should be a perfect replacement for your old dimmer switch that used to control incandescent lights.

We are currently working on some new 12Volt inline dimmers, however, in the mean time you can use any of our 12V controllers to dim the Oznium range of strip lights.

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