12V Inline Dimmer Switch

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12V Inline Dimmer Switch

Control the brightness of LED Striplights with this twist-dial dimmer. Using pulse width modulation, LEDs will gradually dim from zero to 100% without flickering.

This LED product is out of stock or has been discontinued and replaced by a new product with an upgraded design and functionality. If you are interested in purchasing this particular item, please contact our customer support.

Technical Specification

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Base type
Male/female connectors
Power consumption
max. 24W / 2A (12V)
5V-24V DC Input, Output 12V
LED working temperature
up to 60 degrees Celsius
UV/IR Radiation
IP Class
Splash protected
Up to 10,000 hours

Product Description for 12V Inline Dimmer Switch

The Oznium 12V Inline Dimmer Switch allows you to dim any of our 12V DC LED lighting products that are dimmable (most of them are – just check for the dim icon underneath the product picture). It’s super easy to use, just plug & play with the male and female inline cable connectors that come with the package. You can use any standard 12V DC power adapters as a power source, or a car battery (fused!) or any of Ozniums 12V power supplies.

Dimming is achieved with a smooth zero to 100% gradual change of lighting by twisting the rotary know on the 12V Inline Dimmer Switch from left to right. The left position on zero % dimming also works as an off position, whereas the right 100% position provides full bright LED lighting.

The wattage limit is 2 Amps, which caters for 24 Watt or an approximate of 10 meters of strip lights.

Wiring Instructions

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